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Digital Images

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Digital images/graphics is everything on the screen/page that is not a text: photographs, scanned artwork, vector graphics, line drawings, basic figiures, even lines.

But even text can be a graphic or an image.

There are 2 types of displaying images - screen and print

Based on the purpose of your image (screen view or print) - you choose an apropriate image format.

There are also different color modules and file formats. Choose the appropriate ones for your particular project!


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There are 2 types of digital images:

  • Bitmap - made of pixels (small squares - building blocks - each holds its own properties).
  • Vector - made of paths and anchor points that hold mathematical formulas.

Bitmaps hold millions of colors and can represent a high quality artwork (photographs are bitmaps).

Bitmap file can get really big.

You need to optimize a bitmap before putting an image on the web (for faster loading).

Bitmaps do not do well when resized (enlarged)!!!!

Vectors are great for resizing. Easy to edit shapes and change colors.

File size is relatively small..

Uses only solid colors and gradients.

Perfect for graphic design


Photo-like images

Bitmaps are made of pixels.

Each pixel holds 3 properties.


Vector images don't use pixels!

They are created with mathematical equations and paths - using anchor points fixed on a grid.

Paths create lines and "outlines" for the shapes that can be filled in with a color or a gradient.

Or not filled at all.

color modes

Color modes are the settings designers use to show colors consistently across devices and materials.

More about digital colors is here.

RGB color mode is for screens.

CMYK color mode is for printing.