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mixed media collage
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by JuliannaKunstler.com

Poppies. Collage lesson plan. Easy to follow steps that include drawing, cutting, printing, and gluing. I use it with my special needs students.

skills used:

line drawing

using stencils


tracing and outlining


tissue paper application



Print 2 copies of the worksheet on RED construction paper or draw 12 circles that are different in size.

Use fine point black marker and draw lines starting from the center.

The lines do not need to be straight (don't use a ruler) and they do not need to be spaced evenly..

Use a thick chisel-point black marker to outline each circle.


Cut out all circles leaving some of black outlines.

Use BLACK construction paper and draw 12 circles using a regular pencil.

4 big circles, 4 medium, and 4 smaller circles.

Freehand or stencil.

Cut them out freely.

They do not need to be perfect.

Glue black circles onto the red ones.

Use big circles over big flowers, etc.

Black circles do not need to be in the center.

Use whatever you have handy to draw on black paper:

  • white gel pen
  • white (or green) paint marker
  • white pencil

Draw random size dots on black circles.

Use a round stamp and gold (or green) printing ink for the center of the flower.

If you do not have a stamp - make it yourself, using a piece of styrofoam tray.

Print the centers. Let dry.

Tore different shades of green tissue paper into stripes.

Mix white glue with water.

Apply generously over canvas board.

Place tissue paper over canvas.

Alter colors.

Use big dry brush to place the tissue.

Let dry.

Glue 4 - 6 flowers onto canvas. Spread them out.

Let it dry.

Glue the rest of the flowers.

Have them overlap.