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Cornucopia collage

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by JuliannaKunstler.com

11x17 8.5x11



Step 1- prepping the background

Randomly pour 3-4 analogous colors onto a canvas board. Place a plastic wrap over the canvas. (You can use two or more pieces if needed to cover the entire canvas).
Move paint with your hands to make sure you cover the entire surface with paint. No blank spots! Remove the wrap carefully and toss it.
Leave the canvas flat for the paint to dry.

Step 2 - coloring & cutting

Print out the cornucopia on 11x17 brown or textured paper

Complete the design by connecting the dots with a permanent marker.

Cut the shape out.

Use acrylic paints and sponge stamping for some veggies/fruit
(like this gourd)

Use oil pastels (solid color or multiple colors) for others.

Lay all cutouts.

Arrange them on canvas before gluing.

Then move the entire group aside.

You will start gluing with the furthest objects first.

Step 3 - gluing

Apply spray glue. Start with the cornucopia.

Make sure the exhaust/ventilation is on.

Place the shape on the canvas.

Use a blank piece of paper to lightly rub the surface for a good bond.

Leave enough space for all shapes to fit.
Follow the same steps with the rest of the shapes. Give it a few minutes before attaching the next shape. Glue should be completely dried before the next step.

Step 4 - coating with varnish

Use a spray-paint booth or work outside for the next step.

Apply multiple coats of clear glossy finish (varnish) to the entire canvas. It will seal the oil pastels and create a nice uniform finish for the entire project.

Make sure varnish dries completely between each coat.