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oil pastels
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by JuliannaKunstler.com



day 1

Outline the castle perimeter with a glue or a 3-D paint.

Be careful not to smear the glue while you are tracing. Rotate paper as you work.

Outline sun and clouds.

Let it dry

days 2

Trace the rest of the details inside the castle.

Let it dry.

day 3

Use oil pastels and color in the sun and the clouds.

Use two colors inside each shape:

yellow + orange for sun

white + grey for clouds

day 4

Color all roof tops with at least 2 colors:

red + brown

Color flags with 1 color of your choice.

day 5

Color all windows

day 6

Color all walls with 2-3 colors

day 7

Color sky with 3-4 colors of your chouce

day 8

Color the ground with a color of your choice.