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Ceramic Bowl

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by JuliannaKunstler.com



  • clay slab
  • needle tool
  • styrofoam bowl
  • plastic wrap
  • glazes or acrylic paint

Project steps:

Roll a 1cm-thick slab

Place a styrofoam bowl onto clay.

Cut away all extras.

Flip over.
Place a plastic wrap for storage (if needed).

If you don't want to touch clay - you can leave the plastic wrap on.

Start pushing the center down.

Work slowly.

Continue pressing clay down.

Finish the edges.

Leave the rim round.....


Extend it and make it free-form.
Use texture/design stamps for decoration.

Make sure you don't press too deep.

Let the bowls dry completely.

Fire the bowls when they are dry

Use glazes or just an acrylic paint to finish the bowl.