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observational drawing
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by JuliannaKunstler.com



Analyze the forms.

Compare them.

Answer questions:

Which one is bigger, closer, more complex?

Find the "end points" - the highest / lowest / most right / most left.

Lay them out on a pice of paper.

Roughly outline each piece.

Constrain proportions.

Break large shapes into smaller parts.

Compare and reference the proportions.

Continue breaking the shapes into smaller details.


Shade all shaded parts. Define the light side and the dark side.

No need for details at this point.

Add drop shadows.

Remember how they work - darker next to the object, then fading.

No outlines! Work with edges!!!

Now that you have all important pieces in place - you can start on individual pieces.

Use small strokes.

Take your time.


1. Outlines! Get rid of them!!

Use edges!

2. Too dark