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See through water

observational drawing

by JuliannaKunstler.com

Set up a still life with:

  • at least 2 glass objects
  • 2 pieces of fruit.

Place a white background behind the set.


1. sketching - form building, value planning

2. drawing outlines (colored paper)

3. colored pencils



You sketch should be detailed and accurate.

Form building is important:

Draw axis for each symmetrical form

Draw ovals carefully. Check for symmetry and round corners.

Everything should fit in to the drawing.

Include shadows , highlights, reflections and see-through details.

In your sketch: shade the darkest areas for value reference.

Redraw the still-life onto a colored paper.

Use only fine lines.

Include all important outlines.

Start coloring.

Use solid full-strength coloring. Blend and mix colors to achieve the perfect tones.

Be accurate about all colors and tones.

Include background coloring - it is important for color and tone reference.

Compare the colors of actual objects with a "see through water" colors.

credits: http://how-to-sketch.com