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observational drawing

using angles

by JuliannaKunstler.com

drawing with angles

When it comes to drawing from observation or copying from a reference image, using angles is a fool-proof way to achieve accurate proportions and placement of objects.

Let's say you want to draw these two blocks.

You don't even need to know perspective to draw them, just use angles (direction lines).

drawing with angles

Let's start with the closest block.

The front corner looks vertical.

But to make sure....

drawing with angles

... extand your arm, close one eye.... align your drawing pencil with that corner.

Hold the pencil as shown.

Don't move your wrist or tilt the pencil. "Lock" the pencil in that position.

drawing with angles

Use your shoulder or elbow to move the pencil over to your paper.

Move the hand up and down (in that case) to draw the ghost line (air line).

Then draw the actual line.

drawing with angles

Next corner.

Choose the one that comes from the front corner that we already have.

Align the pencil with the corner.

Lock the position.

drawing with angles

After a few ghost lines, draw that line.

Continue with the rest of the corners.

If you were accurate with the angles - it will result in a realistic drawing of the block.

drawing with angles

You do the same with the 2nd block.

But in addition to aligning the pencil with a corner - note where that corner line crosses the first block.

drawing with angles

Transfer the angle to your drawing.

Draw the line through the mark that you noted on the first block.

drawing with angles

Finish the block!!!

All you've used was the angles ("direction lines")!!!