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1. In the tool box: Switch the color swatches to make background black and foreground white.

2. Open a new document in Photoshop:
6"x4", Resolution 100
Background Contents: background color

3. Go to Image > Mode
Make sure the image is RGB color at 8 Bits

4. Create a new layer.

5. Filter > Render > Clouds

6. Filter > render > Difference Clouds. Keep applying this filter until your image is very contrasted (about 8 - 15 times)

7. Image > Adjustments > Invert

8. Image > Adjustments > Levels
Slide the Gamma point slider (Grey slider) to the beginning of the histogram to make midpoint greys lighter.

9. Image > Adjustments > Curves

Black point has been moved into the dark gray area and an S curve has been added to the curves to give the background some contrast.

10. Filter > Add Noise
Amount: 4.8
Check Monochromatic

11. In Layers Palette:
Click on Adjustment layer icon. Select Solid Color
Color Picker opens. Set the color to R-171,G-101,B-44 Layer Blend Mode to 85-90%

12. In Layers palette:
Change blending mode to Linear Burn, Opacity to 85-90%

13. Layer > Flatten image

14. To make it look 3D:

15. In Layers Palette:

Make Background a Layer 0 (by double-clicking on the layer)

16. Layer > Layer Style > Bevel and Emboss.

17. In the left pane: check Texture

Then double-click in it to open the window:

18. Click OK

19. If you make a selection and move it (or delete it) the layer style will be applied to an empty spot:

20. If you make a selection, then Edit > Copy, Edit > Paste - you will have your selection placed on a new layer.

You can apply 3-D effect on this new layer:

21. Click OK

22. Now you can duplicate this layer (if you need to...)

That's it!!!