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parchment texture


by JuliannaKunstler.com



1.Open a new file in Photoshop:
6" x 4" Resolution 200; RGB colors; 16 Bit

2. Background is White.

3. In Toolbox: click on Foreground color swatch.
Color Picker control panel opens, set the Red,Green and Blue color
values to R-200,G-163,B-109
which gives a medium brown color,click OK

4. In Toolbox: click on Background color swatch.
Set the Red,Green and Blue color
values to R-253,G-242,B-202 which gives
a light cream color,click OK

5. Create a new layer. Name it "Parchment color"

6. Select Filter>Render>Clouds

7. Select Filter>Texture>Grain

8. Set the Grain Filter controls: Intensity 3, Contrast 56
Click OK

9. Select Filter>Texture>Texturizer>Canvas

10. Set the Texturizer Filter controls as shown Canvas, Scaling 62%, Relief 7, Light Top
Click OK

11. With the Parchment layer selected (highlighted) Click on the
Lasso tool in the toolbox.

12. With the Lasso tool draw a rough rectangle

13. Once the rough rectangle has been completed click on the add a layer mask icon in Layers Palette

14. Layer mask cuts away parchment layer exposing the Background image underneath the parchment layer.

15. Layer > Layer Style > Drop Shadow

16. Use Burn Tool to darken the edges of the page. Use Dodge Tool to add lighter spots. Experiment and have fun!