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texture application

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Use any 3 textures from the list below.

Fill in each section of the cylinder with these textures.


Textures should look real and support the 3D quality of the form.

Use value changes, contrasts, element bending, and other techniques for a "wrap-around" effect.

Choose any 3 textures:

  • palm tree
  • log
  • cactus
  • rope
  • hair
  • brick
  • cheese
  • roof tiles
  • glass
  • sponge

Research for photo references to use for this assignment.

practice examples

How it works:


Before applying a texture to an object - consider:

  • light source (position and strength)
  • type of a surface (flat or curved)

If you take a "flat" texture/pattern and bend it - you will see how the elements get distorted as the surface curves away.

It also affects the texture value and contrast.

pattern on cylinder3d pattern

If you add a 3D quality to your texture - you need to consider where the light source is and how bright it is.

patternpattern cylinder

Same strategy applies to any pattern or texture.

Practice first

Use the practice worksheet and experiment with different textures.

Try to create a "wrapped-around" illusion.

Once you are comfortable - move on to the cylinder worksheet.

Three-textures cylinder

Start with planning out the textures layouts.

Are there any grids necessary?

Where is the light source?

Start with the darkest areas first.