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  • abstract thinking
  • critical thinking
  • intuitive sense
  • spacial rotation skills
  • eye-hand coordination
  • visual closure
  • spacial relations

Invented in China approximately 200 years ago, a tangram is a puzzle created by cutting a square into seven pieces — seven geometric shapes called “tans”.

The classic rules that are applied to make tangrams include:

  • All tangram pieces (or tans) must be used
  • All the pieces must lay flat
  • All these pieces must touch and none may overlap while forming a shape

For example:

tangram dog
tangram dog

The player is shown a target shape in outline, so that the “seams” between the composite tans are concealed.

Then the player attempts to recreate the shape using the seven pieces.

try to recreate these:

tangram camel
tangram cat
tangram swan
tangram penguin
tangram dog
tangram rabbit
tangram rabbit
tangram fox
tangram crow
tangram crow
tangram crow
tangram bird
tangram bird
tangram man
tangram man

assignment details:

Cut out tangrams.

Recreate each image using all 7 pieces.

Follow the "Tangram rules".

Copy the layout onto your worksheet.

Come up with your own images!