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skills assessment

grid drawing

by JuliannaKunstler.com

Grid drawing skills assessment assignment. Final exam for semester 1.

This assignment is to be done in class.

grid drawing

Using Grid technique, transfer the image onto the lager grid.

Trace the drawing with ultra-fine point marker. Erase all pencil marks.

Optional: stylize the corners.

Use colored pencils and your best color-blending skills to color the rooster.

skills graded:

  • grid drawing (proportions)
  • line quality (solid, uniterrupted, smooth, stylized (optional))
  • coloring technique (2+ colors blending)
  • color values (overlapping shapes: shadows and highlights)

materials used

paid links

drawing pencil B

Sharpie ultra fine point

gum erasers

Prismacolor premier 72



grid drawing

Using a pencil, copy each square of the grid.

Use sticky notes to help focus on one square at a time.

Keep the lines light and fine.

tracing a drawing

Outline the drawing with an ultra-fine point marker.

Erase all pencil marks when you are done.


stylize corners

Stylize all corners with a marker - fill in/round all corners to give the drawing a more decorative look.

This step is optional.


Color the drawing with colored pencils.

Blend at least 2 colors inside each shape.

Add highlights and shadows where shapes overlap (where it makes sense).