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cross-hatching shading
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Learning objectives

  • master cross-hatching technique
  • overlapping in drawing
  • placement of shadows
  • value study
  • creative design


ribbon design
ribbon design



drawing step

Start with drawing a border around the square. About 1 1/4 inch all way around.

drawing step

Draw your first line any way you feel like.

drawing step

Draw the second line to complete the first ribbon.

drawing ribbons

Start drawing the second ribbon "behind" the first one.

drawing step

Should look similar to this.

Important: mark (number) every ribbon as you draw it - especially where they overlap. Do it in multiple spots.

drawing completed

Draw a total of 12 ribbons.

Make sure they are all numbered.


shading step

Use a black pen and fill in all background areas with cross-hatching technique.

Pay attention to where you shade.

shading step

This is what it looks like when you are done with this step.

shading step

See the numbers?

shading step

Skip ribbon #1

Start with ribbon #2. Shade everywhere where it is overlapped by ribbon #1.

Shade on both sides.

Value should fade from dark to light: start with dark cross-hatching, follow with hatching, space small strokes to lighten the value, finish fading with pointillism.

cross hatching cross-hatching

After you are done with ribbon #2, proceed to next ribbons.

crosshatching design crosshatching design
ribbon folds shading step

Connect ribbons' ends:

Use pencil at this point.

Create folds, twists, etc.

ribbon design

Outline with black pen.

Complete shading.

Erase all pencil marks.