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Answer the questions below

Write in full sentences. Check grammar and spelling. Extra points for writing in cursive.


1. Describe the finished project
(what the assignment was about, materials used, theme, what’s depicted, what it looks like, etc.)


2. What skills and techniques did you use?
(linear drawing, painting, shading techniques, stylizing, color mixing, choosing colors, value shading, composition, design, proportions, etc.)

3. What previous skills did you use in this project?
(Have you done this type of art before? Have you used the same technique?)

4. What did you learn by working on this project?
(Did you learn HOW to do things? Did you learn the process?)

5. Can you apply this knowledge (new skill, technique, definition, etc.) in the future projects?


6. What are the strong parts of your project? Do you feel proud of a specific skill, technique you used, part of the project (composition, details, craftsmanship, etc.). Explain what you did right, why you feel strong about it.

7. What are the weak parts? Are there areas that you wish you could redo or do them differently? What makes them your weak points? Why do you think they could’ve been better?

8. Compare your artistic skills with your previous project.
(If you used the same steps, techniques,, approaches: linear drawing, shading, coloring, etc. Did you get better? Are you still struggling? What is your area of struggle?)


9. What would you do differently to improve the project? How would you fix the problems? What do you need to do to improve?
(Better shading techniques, smaller strokes, use different color scheme, follow the steps, use more time, etc.)

10. Read your previous reflections. Did you use your own solutions to fix your weak points? What was your solution and how did you apply it in this project? Did it make a difference?

grading rubric

proper use of definitions and vocabulary





Compare & Contrast
analysis of personal performance in development

name a skill used

name the skills that are being compared

basic comparison of the compared skills

thorough analysis of performance

Solutions (relation to personal work)
state problems and find solutions

restate the obvious

state problems that exist

state a solution to a problem

state solutions to the problems based on analysis