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color shading

Practice activity:

Draw a letter in a 3"x2" box
Draw a wavy line through the letter.
Pick three colors
Shade according to the guideline below.

color shading

materials needed:

paid links

drawing pencil B

white erasers

Prismacolor scholar 48

Prismacolor premier 24


name in colored pencils
name in colored pencils
name in colored pencils
name in colored pencils
name in colored pencils
name in colored pencils


letter formletter formletter shadingletter shadingletter designletter design

step 1 - practice

Draw three different designs for your name. All letters in a design should share the same elements and characteristics (Unity principle).

Show me the designs so we can pick the one.
Your name should be no less than 5 letters. (Use your last name or a nickname if your first name is too short).

step 2 - sketch your name

Draw a text box for your name
Sketch your name lightly to make sure it fits inside the designated text box
Divide it into the areas that equals the number of letters you have in your name.

Make sure to keep the letters' top and bottom margins

step 3 - draw your name

Draw your name lightly so you can erase the lines when you're done.

step 4 - divide your letter forms with a wave

letter form

Draw a wavy line from one end of your paper to the other end through the middle of the name.

Make sure the line goes through all the letters.

step 5 - shading

letter design

Pick three colors that work together.

Shade in your name starting from the top of the letters and gradually fade the color to white when you reach the wavy line.

Take your second color. Start shading below the wavy line. The color should fade as it's getting near the middle of the bottom half.

Take your third color. Start shading from the bottom moving up so that it overlaps your second color slightly

When done - erase the wavy line and all other lines that you don't need.

step 6 - background

letter design

Color in the background with a dark color to enhance your letters.