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scrambled method
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by JuliannaKunstler.com

choose images for assignment 1:
bike drawing butterfly dragon fish flower hand scull

The reason you are doing the "scrambled" grid method is to train your eye to see only what's inside each square, without your brain directing you what to draw.

Learn to rely strictly on your eyes.

choose images for assignment 2:
owl rhino scull

Printouts for shading:

owl with grid | owl

rhino with grid | rhino

scull with grid | scull

materials used

paid links

laserjet paper

drawing pencil B

drawing pencils set

ebony pencil 12

gum erasers

hand sharpener

Sharpie ultra fine point

grid copying method


Locate the square on the grid.

grid copy

See where the shape crosses the grid line and place the marks on your grid.

use grid to copy an image

Find the highest (lowest) point of the shape.

Mark it.

use grid to copy an image

Now... it's like connecting the dots.

Draw the outline of the shape.

use grid to copy an image

Fill it in.

use grid to copy an image

Find the next square to copy.

If the shape is too small or detailed - divide the square into 4 quadrants.

use grid to copy an image

Again, mark the grid lines where the shape outline crosses it.

use grid to copy an image

Draw the outline.

Fill it in.

use grid to copy an image

For detailed and complex shapes - divide the square again.

Draw the "big" shapes first.

use grid to copy an image

Once you have the main outline...

use grid to copy an image

Place the key marks for the details.

use grid to copy an image

Outline details and fill in the shape.

Continue with the rest of the picture.

assignment 1

Choose a printout of scrambled image pieces.

Use a grid and a Sharpie to copy each square onto the grid.

Be as accurate as possible to duplicate all shapes and proportions.

assignment 2

grid drawing

Use 12"x15" drawing paper.

Mark every 1.5 inch all around using a pencil (H or HB).


Connect all marks.

Important: use very, very, very fine lines.

Choose an image to copy using the grid method.

Continue using a hard pencil to outline every single detail from each square.

Switch drawing pencils when you are ready to shade.

Choose from ebony pencil or any softer drawing pencil (B and more).

Always compare your shading to the original. Keep white areas white.