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basic forms still life

observational value drawing

by JuliannaKunstler.com

Basic forms observational value drawing. Shading pattern and stroke techniques. Lesson plan.


materials needed

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practice first

drawing step

Use the worksheets above or a piece of drawing paper to refresh the form construction steps and shading patterns.

drawing forms

Start with constructing the forms.

Then shade following the 5-step pattern (highlight, light, shadow, reflected light, drop shadow).

Practice drawing and shading each shape. use the printout of the presentation above as a reference (printout).

shading forms

Mark your light source. Shade the forms using the Chiaroscuro pattern

draw from observation

observational drawing

Draw each form as a see-through. It will help you place the objects correctly on the surface.

Define the light source.

Start shading with the front objects, follow the shading pattern.