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Part 3: Chiaroscuro

Learning targets:

1. Chiaroscuro as an Art approach

2. Chiaroscuro as a shading technique

3. Light and shadow pattern

4. Breaking forms into lights and darks

Value is so important in the creation of art, that a special term has been created to describe the use of light and dark in a piece if art.

Chi- a - ro- scu -ro

Is the use of strong contrasts between light and dark.
These bold contrasts affect the whole composition.
This approach was widely used by Renaissance and Baroque artists..

It looks like there is only one , but very strong light source that creates very dark shadows.
The light itself molds the objects and brings them to life.
It makes the scene appear very dramatic and emotional. So, when you want to add drama to your art - add value contrast.

It describes a method to achieve an appearance of volume in modeling three-dimensional objects and figures.

In this method, if light is coming in from one predetermined direction,
then light and shadow will conform to a set of rules.

light and shadow pattern:


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