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in 2 point perspective

by JuliannaKunstler.com

1. Find the horizon line and vanishing point(s)

2. Complete the block. Do not erase receding lines.

3. Complete the indents on all sides

4. Use different values to support the 3D appearance (colors or greyscale)

5. Bonus: after the cube is done - add a creative environment in or around the cube.



step 1

Find the vanishing points.

Look at the existing shapes and lines.

Where do all lines in 2 point perspective go for a basic geometric form?

Extend receding lines to find out where they cross.

step 2

Find the horizon line.

step 3

Complete the outer cube first.

Include all "back corners" for a proper construction.

step 4

Complete the indents

step 5

Color the cube using different values (color or greyscale) to support the appearance of space.

Optional: get creative and place the cube into an imaginary environment.