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color schemes

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Color scheme is a set of colors (color combination) that is used in a design or an artwork to achieve certain goals.
Color schemes are used to create style, appeal, and an aesthetic feeling

color schemes







triadic 1

triadic (split 1)

triadic 2

triadic (split 2)

triadic 3

triadic (split 3)


color values

Color schemes include all value variations of the hues: shades, tones, and tints.

worksheet 1

monochromatic color scheme design

coloring pattern color pattern monochromatic

Pick a color.

Find this color on the color wheel and mark it:

Use this color's variations to fill in the design grid.

worksheet 2

color scheme designs

analogous design analogous color scheme analogous

Pick 3-4 colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. Color the grid with these colors to create a pattern or a design. You can use value variations of these colors. Don't forget to mark the colors you are using on the color wheel.

complementary color design complementary color scheme complementary

Pick 2 colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel. Color the grid. Mark the color wheel.

triadic design triadic color scheme triadic

Choose one of the triadic color schemes. Pick the colors, color the grid, mark the wheel.