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apples with textures

implied textures with patterns
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by JuliannaKunstler.com

Fill in the three apples with any of the five textures. Each texture should "wrap around" each apple to emphasize the form.

Follow the steps below


hairy apple

"hairy" apple

rocky apple

"rocky" apple

wooden apple

"wooden" apple

wrapped apple

"wrapped" apple

weaved apple

"weaved" apple


what you need

texture 1 - "hairy" apple

strokes marker

Place the curved strokes following the form of an apple.

Placing strokes in the direction of the apple's surface will support its form.

apply hair texture

More strokes should be placed on the sides of the apple.

Extend strokes outside the outline.

The sides and the bottom part of an apple should have more dense strokes to make them darker and make the form "pop".

texture 2 - "rocky" apple

grid pencil

Start with drawing a pencil grid. Draw lightly.

The grid areas in the center should be larger than the sides and the bottom of the apple.

fill in texture marker

Fill in each area with a "rock" outline.

These are free hand rough shapes that fit inside each area.

draw rocks

Smaller "rocks" can be placed closer to the sides of the apple..

shade texture

Fill in the gaps with strokes or/and dots for the "rock" texture.

texture 3 - "wooden" apple

wood start marker

Start with basic long oval-like or tear-drop shapes.

Curve the shapes to follow the form of the apple.

wood texture

Outline the shapes to imitate the wood grain.

wood texture

Fill in the blank areas with vertical curved lines.

Remember to "wrap" them over the apple form.

wood pattern
wood texture

Alter the thickness of the lines.

texture 4 - "wrapped" apple

ribbon marker

Draw the first ribbon.

Bend the "ribbon" to follow the form of an apple.


Add another ribbon behind the first one.

complete design

Fill in the apple shape with more ribbons.


Fill in the background.

shading pencil

Add shading for more realistic look.

texture 5 - "weaved" apple

grid pencil

Start with a pencil grid.

Draw vertical double-lines that follow the apple's form.

3D grid

Add curved horizontal double-lines.

apply pattern marker

Fill in the small squares with a marker.

Start placing the weaving pattern.

value shading

Add shading for more realistic look.

weaved apple