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city view

in 2 point perspective
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Learn about proportions and the element of Space.
Create a cityscape using two point perspective technique.
Use your drawing ability to create a city of your own and incorporate the required objects in the design.
Illustrate how a creative idea can be developed into a drawing.

Essential questions:

  • How do you create 2-point perspective?
  • ow do you apply perspective rules in artwork?


2 point perspective

Two point perspective is used when none of the structure's sides is parallel to your picture plain. In other words - you are facing a corner of a building, not a side.


Design a city block using 2 point perspective.

Your drawing should include at least:

  • Intersection of 2 streets with sidewalks
  • Six buildings
  • All buildings should have windows and doors
  • Streets should include crosswalks, city lights and 3 signs


2 point perspective
2 point perspective
2 point perspective
2 point perspective
2 point perspective
2 point perspective


2 point perspective

You will start with drawing a HORIZON LINE.

Then place two VANISHING POINTS.

Then draw the front corner of the closest building.

2 point perspective

Remember, that in 2 point perspective:

  • all vertical lines stay vertical
  • all horizontal lines go to one of the vanishing points
2 point perspective

All windows, doorways, and other architectural elements should follow the same rule. Look at the picture below: all lines are either vertical or go to one of the vanishing points.

Make it fun!