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in 1 point perspective
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by JuliannaKunstler.com

Add depth to your name!

Draw your name in 1 point perspective.

Use colored pencils to color each side of the letters.

You can use color values to emphasize the 3D effect.


Name in 1 point perspective.



Practice the letters first!

Mark the "key points" on all curves.

letters in perspective
  • Lay out your name lightly onto a given piece of paper/board
  • Make sure all letters fit in, check spelling
  • Add a baseline and the top margin.
  • Draw each letter carefully. Use a ruler for straight lines and free-hand curves.
  • Outline the name with an extra-fine marker.
  • Place a vanishing point
  • Add depth to one letter at a time. Make sure all letters are the same thickness.
  • Color the letters. Include color value shading.