Grid in 2-point perspective

placing blocks



Print out the grid.

Position a form on the grid.

Build up the form in 2-point perspective.


Mark the perimeter of a rectangle on the grid.

There are only 2 types of lines in two-point perspective (vertical and receding):

  • Vertical lines, that show height - stay vertical
  • Lines, that show depth - become receding lines and go to one of the vanishing points.

Add height by drawing 4 vertical corner lines from each corner.

Front vertical corner:

Decide on the height of the block by marking the top front corner.

Draw 2 receding lines from that corner to the vanishing points.

Mark where they cross the right and left vertical corner lines. That will define the right and the left sides of the block.

From these two corner points - draw two receding lines to the vanishing points.

These two receding lines and the back corner line should cross at the same point. That will define the top side of the block.








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