Art courses and single lessons-tutorials for all ages and artistic abilities. Each course includes step-by-step instructions with lots of photos and graphics, lists of supplies and printable worksheets. Also, feel free to contact me for feedback! I am constantly updating and adding more resources to my web site. Please come back again!
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I hope you will get inspired by this fun and very detailed art course for all ages. I created it to give you tools and guides to develop the understanding of art techniques and theories. The focus is on developing your drawing/painting skills through exercises that will improve the eye-hand coordination, sense of proportion, color mixing, shading, and other skills. This course will give you a starting point to grow as an artist. No prior art experience required, but can be fun to revive all these forgotten art skills you once had! You will start with a series of simple exercises to improve your basic drawing skills: eye-hand coordination, proportions, shading techniques, etc. Feel free to print as many worksheets as it takes to get to the result you want. You will then learn and practice the concepts of 3-D drawing, working with positive and negative space, and Color Wheel theory.

I put together a set of non-intimidating assignments that will guide you through the basics of drawing and painting. This course will give you a solid base of art skills that you can build upon as you advance as an artist. Fell free to contact me with questions: The units include:

  • 1. Warm-up exercises. Linear drawing within small areas.
  • 2. Eye-hand coordination exercise.
  • 3. Set of exercises to practice lines, directions, and proportions.
  • 4. Set of exercises to further develop the sense of proportions.
  • 5. Shading techniques, strokes and value.
  • 6. Drawing and shading 3D forms. Set of exercises.
  • 7. Drawing and shading with a grid method
  • 8. Drawing exercise to apply the shading pattern (chiaroscuro).
  • 9. Positive and negative drawing. Learn to see negative space.
  • 10. Basics of painting with acrylics.
  • 11. Basics of Color Theory and color mixing.
  • 12. Painting a simple still-life.

What you get: 13 units, 27 printables, 30+ projects, lists of tools and materials used, feedback and a new art experience! Feel free to contact me with questions or in a need of a feedback.

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Studio II is an Art course for beginner artists and a continuation of Studio I class. We will focus is on expanding drawing and painting skills, learning about composition, color schemes, and will try different drawing media.
The lessons are structured to build up your art skills and to apply them by working on a series of appropriate, non-intimidating projects. Please consider the lessons as a starting point to further explore and apply these skills.

The structure of the class allows you to gradually build up the confidence level and technique competence. Keep in mind that this is not a specifically drawing or painting class. I designed the lessons to give you some basic knowledge about some art concepts and to allow you to experiment with the media. After you are done with the class you will have a better understanding of the path that you want to take for your next step - whether it is graphite drawing, or pen and ink graphics, or you want to experiment with painting media. Listen to what your heart tells you. But for now... Let's get started.

What you get: 12 units (lessons); 19 printables, 25 projects, lists of tools and materials used.

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This course in Digital Photography is designed to develop your skills in pixel-based photography. In this introductory course in digital photography, we will use digital power to create, edit, post and share our images electronically. The course is intended for beginner photographers.

This course in Digital Photography is designed to develop your skills in pixel-based photography. Cameras, printers, inks and paper have evolved and are able to not only match traditional photographic quality, but can also extend traditional possibilities. The course will not cover Adobe Photoshop image manipulations, but will focus on enhancing photographs using free online tools and programs.

  • Unit 1: How digital imaging works. Image file formats. Print vs. Web Getting to know your camera Shooting Modes Intro to Exposure (shutter speed, aperture, ISO) Depth of Field White Balance and Color Temperature Metering Modes Histogram Focus Review
  • Unit 2: Composition in photography Camera settings before shooting Tips & tricks Projects
  • Unit 3: Free Image Editing Applications (overview) Editing images in Pixlr
  • Unit 4: Scanning Printing Posting and sharing

    What you get:
    4 units, 16 lessons, 20 projects, 16 ref. cards (printables)
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Three tutorials in one lesson. Unconventional printmaking techniques that are easily done in a home setting. Minimum art supplies required - you, probably, have it all in your household already... Well... maybe get a pint of printing ink...

The idea behind any printmaking process is to create a surface (printing plate or block) with some sort of a relief (either raised relief or sunken relief). In this tutorial you are going use common household items to create these reliefs. I encourage you to experiment and have fun with it! I will guide you through some steps, give suggestions, show examples.

This lesson has 3 tutorials. It gives you a variety of techniques to choose from and to try. These are the simple techniques you can use for creating a fine art piece, a greeting card or add to your scrap booking options. You might even come up with your own techniques after you complete this lesson.


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Color pencils are one of the most delicate media to draw with. It requires the least amount of prep work, cleanup or money investment. Any high quality or professional grade color pencils will work for this lesson. 

Learn the amazing possibilities of working with color pencils! You will start with some basic techniques and exercises: blending and mixing colors, drawing from observation, creating a 3-D realistic drawing. This is an introductory lesson - try, experiment and enjoy the beauty of this medium. The lesson starts with basic information on working with color pencils and a few exercises to practice strokes and blending. Color mixing exercises are to follow. You will learn the chiaroscuro shading pattern by completing another exercise.

As a culmination of the lesson - I will show you the process of observational drawing with color pencils. You will also experiment with different drawing papers to understand what type of paper will suit your artistic style.


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Lesson consists of two painting projects that do not require any paint. Two art techniques that work well on their own, or as a part of a mix-media solution.

Introduction and detailed instructions of two painting techniques that do not require any paint. We are going to use some household items for the projects.

I will also explain the process of applying washes onto a painting surface, positive and negative space, applying values to your work, and more.

Two projects, two techniques, endless possibilities! If you are intrigued enough - let's get started!





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Detailed tutorial for creating an impressive artwork that resembles an antiqued oil painting with no expensive supplies required. Lean to create a collage with an easy texture technique and a few tricks that will create a look and protect your collage for years to come.

This technique does not require previous art training. The subject matter and complexity of the artwork depends on your previous art experience. Simple landscape with mountains, seascape or a cityscape, geometric and organic designs, the possibilities are endless. Feel free to experiment with the technique.
Detailed art lesson with a photo for each step. Includes a list of supplies and materials.





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