City in 2 point perspective

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Objectives: Students learn about proportions and the element of Space. Students create a cityscape using two point perspective technique. Students use their drawing ability to create a city of their own and incorporate the required objects in their design. Students will illustrate how their creative idea can be developed into a drawing.
Essential questions:
1. How do you create 2-point perspective?
2. How do you apply perspective rules in artwork?

Design a city block using 2 point perspective.

Your drawing should include at least (for a D- grade):

  • Intersection of 2 streets with sidewalks
  • Six buildings
  • All buildings should have windows and doors
  • Streets should include crosswalks, citylights and 3 signs


Two point perspective is used when none of the structure's sides is parallel to your picture plain. In other words - you are facing a corner of a building, not a side.

You will start with drawing a HORIZON LINE, placing two VANISHING POINTS, and thed drawing the corner of the closest building.

Remember, that in 2 point perspective:
all vertical lines stay vertical
all horizontal lines go to one of the vanishing points

All windows, doorways, and other architectural elements shouldfollow the same rule. Look at the picture below: all lines are eighther vertical or go to one of the vanishing points.

A large part of the grade for this assignment is creativity. Build a cityblock of your dream! Make it fun!

Here are some examples:




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