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Replacing faces




Superman project:
complete both assignments
print them both, staple and turn in for grading


Objectives: Students learn to use two different approaches to combine two images.
Essential questions:
1. How to match colors?
2. How to match value?
3. How to rotate, transform and blend images?


Download and open the images

I am giving you two different methods to replace a face on a photograph. You have to complete them both.

Method 1

1. Open both images in PhotoShop.

2. Use Move tool to drag the face onto the superman image.

3. Close the face file.

4. Look at the Layers palette: you have a new layer.
For this method - make sure this layer stays selected, because this is the layer that you are going to work on.

5. First you are going to resize the face. Let's place the guides - they will help you to deside on the dimentions of the face. Go View > Rulers. This command will place rulers at the top and left of your image. Click on the top ruler and drag down to the chin of superman. drag another guide to the top of his head.

6. Edit > Free Transform ( or Ctrl/Command T)
Resize the face holding Shift button to keep the proportions.
When you get the right size - hit Enter.

7. To flip the face go to Edit > Transform >Flip Horizontally.

8. Next step is to get rid of the background that came with the face. Use eraser tool (or selection tools + Delete command)

9. To make the necks blend in, use the "soft" erasor:


Erasor Tool

Option bar settings:
1. Brush: Hardness 0% - makes the edges soft.
2. Opacity: around 50%


10. Zoom in the face.
11. Start erasing the neck to make a smooth transition.

Now it's time to adjust colors and contrast:

12. Go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation
This option uses the three dimentions of a color (hue, intensity/saturation, value/lightness).
Reposition the sliders to adjust the color of the face:

Hue - changes the color

Saturation - changes the brightness (-100 setting removes all color information, making the image black-and white; +100 setting enhances colors' brightness, making them bright and vivid)

Lightness - changes value (lightness or darkness)

13. To increase the contrast and manipulate with lightness or darkness of an image go to Image > Adjustments > Levels.

Sliding the black slider to the right will darken the dark areas
Sliding the white slider to the left will lighten the light areas
(that is changing the contrast)
Sliding the grey slider will control the mid-values.

14. To remove excess reds and yellows in the face go to Image > Adjustments > Color Balance.

You see three sliders with pairs of complimentary colors:
Cyan - Red
Magenta - Green
Yellow - Blue

To remove Yellow - move the slider towards Blue, to remove Red - slide towards Cyan, to remove Magents - slide towards Green

15. At this point you might want to desaturate the colors a little - they look too bright. Repeat using the color adjustments until you are happy with what you see.


Method 2

Repeat steps 1 - 7 from the method above.
8. You are going to place the face behing superman:
Double-click on the background layer, rename it: superman, click OK

9. Drag the face layer below the superman layer.

10. Keep the superman layer selected. Choose soft eraser with 70+ % opacity. Start erasing superman's face. You will see the other face beneath it!

11. Do not erase the entire superman's face, just the features. You can turn off the bottom face layer to see the erased area:

12. Select the face layer.

13. Edit > Free Transform (Ctrl/Command T) - adjust the positon of the face. rotate, etc...

14. Adjust the colors like you did in the first method:
Image > Agjustments > Color Balance

15. Adjust contrast by changing levels:
Image > Adjustments > Levels

16. Desaturate the colors:
Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation

Use the adjustments until you get it right.