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project 1 - creative typography

by JuliannaKunstler.com


Selected letters of the alphabet were combined with images of flowers that have been reduced into visually simplified forms. Each letter is coupled with a flower whose generic name begins with the chosen letter.

A primary objective of this project is to achieve a harmonious synthesis between type and image, and in the process create a new visual configuration. It is essential in the process of creating this hybrid form that the recognizability of both the letterform and flower be preserved. Another fundamental concern is to explore the dynamic relationship between positive and negative space.

Design your own font that is unique and uses black-and-white graphics only.

This is what you do:

Pick a six-letter word (six unique letters)
Example: flower, animals, athlete. artist, travel, etc...

Choose a base font that is bold enough to add graphics to it.

Convert the type into outlines (Type>Create Outlines)

Create vector graphics for the images you want to use for your graphics that would associate with the word you chose.

Use Illustrator's Pen Tool or combine basic shapes with the Pathfinder.

Use positive (black) shape of a letterform and negative (white) shape of the graphics to create a typeface.

Crop! Consider cropping for your design!

Your typeface should use similar elements and aproaches for each letter.

You can simplify the base font by eliminating the "eyes" or filling in other negative shapes.

Spend 45 min. per letter.

The assignment is due in 6 days.


The letters should look like they belong together - use similar visual elements and consepts.
Use positive/negative shapes principle.
You can fill in the "eyes" of the letters and simplify them.
The letters should be readable.
Use cropping technique for the images.
Do not repeat the same image in more that one letter.

Be creative!

Have fun!!!!