Visual Literacy


semester 1

Portfolio Presentation

As a result of the 1st semester you will collect a portfolio of all assignments and projects that you worked on. You will be able to redo the projects that you think can be done better.
Part of the visual literacy culture is PRESENTATION. You should be proud of your work and share this concept with other. Presentation is very important selling point for a designer. Think of it as your Resume.

The last week of the semester will be devoted to putting together your DIGITAL PORTFOLIO.

Things you’ll have to do:
1. Check that you have all assignments completed. Finish or redo some of them if needed.
2. Set up good lighting for picture taking.
3. Take photographs of all assignments that were not done digitally. Pay attention to the edges – make sure they are straight. Take multiple shots.
4. Edit images in Photoshop: crop, resize, enhance colors and contrasts, etc. Save all images in one folder.
5. Arrange your images in InDesign. Use multiple pages with a good (grid) layout. Add text blocks under each image with assignment description and the ideas that you tried to communicate through your design. (Full sentences, check spelling).
6. Email me a copy of your portfolio in PDF format. Do not forget to create a TITLE PAGE with your name and course name.

• All assignments are completed
• Design growth is evident through the portfolio.
• Understanding of Gestalt rules and Principles of Design is evident
• Quality of photographs
• Presentation layout quality
• Color scheme of the presentation
• Correct spelling and grammar
• Creativity of portfolio pieces
• Creativity of PORTFOLIO itself.
• Craftsmanship



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