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contact sheet



Select the images that you want to include in your contact sheet


Place the images inside this folder.

Name the folder

Open Adobe Photoshop

File > Automate > Contact Sheet II

In the pop up window:

  • Choose the folder where you placed all your images
  • Check "Flatten All Layers" to keep the file size small
  • Columns and Rows: place the numbers that will fit your need. For larger thumbnails choose 1 or 2 columns, 3-5 rows.....
  • If you want to have the file name printed under each image - check the button to do so.

After you click OK - the contact sheet(s) will be created automatically. All you need to do is to sit back and watch it work.

When it's done - you will have one or more contact sheets (depends on the number of images).

To make them black-and-white: Image > Adjustments > Desaturate

Skip this part you want to keep the colors.

File > Print

Check the button to fit all thumbnails onto the printed page. Pring EACH CONTACT SHEET separately (as they are all separate files)