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ART of COLORING® is my registered mark for coloring products: coloring books and coloring art prints. I am continuously working on adding more to the gallery... Please feel free to send me suggestions and comments. My Coloring art prints and coloring books are available on Amazon.

I put together some general coloring suggestions.

There are few differences in you approach when you color a design in your coloring book or coloring an art print. Choose one of the following pages for more specifics:

coloring books

Sets of 24 (8.5"x11") original designs and patterns for coloring with markers, jell pens, and colored pencils.

coloring tips

colorina art nouveau patterns coloring art deco patterns coloring victorian patterns

coloring art prints

Sets of 3 (12"x18") prints of my original drawings on acid-free watercolor paper. Suitable for all art media - including watercolors, acrylics, colored pencils, inks, markers, or a combination of the above.

coloring tips

coloring art prints coloring art prints  
coloring art prints coloring art prints  
coloring art prints coloring art prints coloring art prints


coming soon

coloring tips



General coloring tips

Before you start coloring - choose a technique, medium, and coloring style.
I put together some general coloring recommendations from an artist's perspective. I realize, that adult coloring phenomena is a great stress relieve technique. I see articles, that say that don't worry about your color choices, just go with a flow, relax and enjoy the process. What I am saying, is if you put in just a little more effort, then coloring process will raise to a different level, and in addition to meditation and relaxation, you will also get a feeling of satisfaction, when your coloring pages will look more professional an "put together". What's wrong with that?

Choosing the right supplies


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color wheel color schemes ART 101 Op-design coloring your mood colored pencils (lesson)  



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