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self-guided art course

Dear Artist!

Welcome to Studio I class!

The structure of the class allows you to gradually build up the confidence level and technique competence.

Keep in mind that this is not a specifically drawing or painting class. I designed the lessons to give you some basic knowledge about some art concepts and to allow you to experiment with the media.

After you are done with the class you will have a better understanding of the path that you want to take for your next step - whether it is graphite drawing, or pen and ink graphics, or you want to experiment with painting media. Listen to what your heart tells you.

But for now... Let's get started.

Please note:

This section of the site is being updated and re-designed. If you are experiencing problems - please refresh a page a few times.

Feel free to contact me if you need my help. Thank you all!!


supplies needed:



printer paper (inkjet)

drawing paper

set of drawing pencils

fine-point marker


soft eraser



cotton ball

kneaded eraser

cotton swab


value scale



acrylic paint





paper towel

paper towel

water cup

water cup


drying retarder






drawing board

drawing board


good light

masking tape

masking tape

dry board eraser

class outline

Lesson 1. Doodling

Linear drawing within small areas. Easy and fun. It will help you to loosen up. Enjoy the "zentangles" - another word for glorified doodling! But it works.

We'll start here. It's a warm-up exercise... or a few of them... Builds an eye-hand coordination skill!

Lesson 2. Line repetition designs

Line repetition designs. More challenging technique for eye-hand coordination...

Drawing parallel lines, spacing lines evenly, following a pattern, keeping lines smooth and solid (no "hairy" lines :))

Lesson 3. Proportions

Discover your natural hand movement.

Practice straight and curved lines. Hold a pencil the right way. Develop a sense of direction and proportion

Lesson 4. More proportions

Draw lines and designs using your proportions sense/skill. It will become very handy when doing your observational drawings (still lives, portraits, etc..)

It is the ability to see and compare parts of an object.

Practice as many times as it takes.

Lesson 5. Shading

Shading techniques.

Practicing values.

Lesson 6. Shading 3D

More shading.

Drawing 3-D forms.

Shading pattern Chiaroscuro.

Lesson 7. Grid drawing

Still life with geometrical forms.

Grid drawing.


Lesson 8. Shading free forms

3D amorphous design - drawing exercise to apply the shading pattern (chiaroscuro).

Lesson 9. Positive and negative space

Negative drawing!

The importance of backgrounds.

Lesson 10. Acrylics

Painting with acrylics.

Lesson 11. Color Theory

Intro to Color Theory.

How to mix colors?

What colors work together?

Color wheel painting. Acrylics.

Lesson 12. Still life

Painting a simple still-life.

Basic stillife painting tips.

Congratulations!!! Your have completed your first studio class! Reflect on what you have learned... Please, continue practicing your art skills! Practice makes it better - a cliche, but so true....

I hope you found my lessons helpful. Please join me for the next level! Any comments or suggestions are welcome! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my art experience with you!