Module sculpture
Materials: 100 toothpicks, glue, spray paint
Intuitive sculpture
Materials: plaster of Paris, clay, acrylic paint, gloss finish
Stone carving
Materials: soap stone or alabaster
Clay mask sculpture
Materials: clay, glazes


Silver ring
Materials: Sterling Silver
Layered piece
Materials: Copper, Nu Gold, Nickel Silver

FINAL (research paper)

Pick a topic:
Sculpture: history – from prehistoric to modern
Sculpture: styles and movements
Sculpture: your favorite sculptor – biography, style, art period, major works, your reflection: why is he/she your favorite sculptor?
Jewelry: history – from Ancient world to modern
Jewelry: compare styles – Victorian, art nouveau, art deco - what are similarities and differences?
Jewelry: Carl Faberge
Sculpture and Jewelry: pick your favorite art style (period) and compare these two forms of art during this particular period.
Choose from: Ancient art (Egyptian, Greek, Roman), Middle Ages (Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic), Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassicism, Victorian, Modern (Art Nouveau, Art Deco, abstract, minimalism, constructivism, contemporary).


  • 1000+ words
  • At least 4 images
  • Written in your own words
  • Includes summary and your own opinion/reflection
  • Use at least 4 sources (list them)
  • Check spelling and grammar.
  • Full sentences.
  • Email to:


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