Abstract Watercolor Painting


concentrated liquid watercolors,
diluted 1/4
canvas paper, board,
masking tape
watercolor brush fine point Sharpie


Prepare all necessary supplies.

Wear an apron - it can get messy.

Draw random lines with the wash - directly out of the bottle.
Use a watercolor brush to spread the paint around.

Repeat the steps with another color.

Work fast - you don't want the paint to dry.

Use as many colors as you want.

You can spread the colors throughout the paper, or have a transition of colors.

Have your hand loose - do not try to "draw" anything specific.

Use watercolor brush again to spread some paint around.

But be careful - you want to have plenty of negative space (white paper).

Use a paper tower to blot the brush - you don't want to manually mix the colors - if you overdo it - the color will turn brown.

Tilt the board to have extra drips form.
That's what it should look like:


You can use a spray bottle with clear water over the dried paper to create extra effects.

Use a fine point Sharpie and carefully outline each white spot.

Take your time!!!!

When done - remove masking tape and mat the artwork!

inspiration from: http://itsacreativejourney.blogspot.com



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