• 9x12 drawing paper, folded in half
  • acrylic (or tempera) paint - 3-4 colors
  • old brushes or popcicle sticks
  • stencil-viewfinder 4.25x4.25
  • pencil or marker
  • frames 5x5 with 3x3 opening
  • scissors, masking tape


Put some paint (thick "blobs") onto one half of the drawing paper.

You can move it around with a popcicle stick. Don't mix!

Contrasting colors work great together.

Fold the paper and rub it to move the paint to fill the gaps

Open it up.

Let it dry for a few hours (to make sure it is completely dry).

Place the viewfinder over the painting.

Trace the areas thet you like.

Cut them out.


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