sketchbook assignment

"Things I'm thankful for"

Assignment details

One week worth of work

Create a page or a series of pages to depict things that you are thankful for. You can be serious about it or use your sense of humor. Use one page per "thing" or one page for all "things", or many pages for one "thing". You decide.

Use any art media or mixed media. Choose from: pencil, color pencils, pen, pen and ink, markers, watercolors or acrylics, collage, etc...

Use typography as a part of the design. Use quotes, sayings, your personal thoughts, etc. Use appropriate colors for the text, direction of the text in the overall page layout.

You can color the background of the page first if you wish to...


  • make a list
  • choose the few (or the one) you want to draw
  • think of the colors you are going to use and the images.
  • Color the background if needed
  • get creative!



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