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semester 1





(thank you, Mr.Preo for the idea!)

You will work on this final piece outside of class time! You should put at least 6 hours into creating this piece.

For this piece you will create a "room portrait". The room will be a bathroom in your home!

This should be a bathroom that has no natural light. So you might need to work on it in the evening, when it's dark outside.
Why bathroom? It has a lot of reflective surfaces (mirrors, tiles, water faucets, sink, etc.) Drawing reflective surfaces is both challenging and fun!

You can pick any point of view (sit on the floor, stand, or lay) from the doorway. Being in the doorway, rather than inside the bathroom will provide you with a larger view/expanse of the bathroom. Turn off the lights in the bathroom. Place a single small light source somewhere in the bathroom (either a night-light, or a small candle). By using a minimal light, your piece will have a very dark feeling to it.

Your piece should include at the very least the following:

  • toilet
  • sink
  • mirror
  • corner... at least two walls are shown
  • either the floor or ceiling is shown, or both

Your piece will be completed as a drawing or as a painting. Use monochromatic color scheme (tones and shades of a single color, use tints for highlights). The piece should look realistic, 3-dimensional, wide range of values, include reflections, shadows, all objects and details).

If you choose to create a drawing, use colored pencils.

If you choose to create a painting, use acrylics.

Use all of your artistic skills as you create this piece. Of course you will also use your knowledge of design, composition, balance, etc. to create a piece that is visually interesting.


Grading requirements:

does not meet requirements meets requirements exceeds requirements significantly exceeds requirements

6+ hours of work


includes: toilet sink mirror corner... at least two walls are shown either the floor or ceiling is shown, or both


monochromatic color scheme with wide range of tones (includes reflections, highlights, shadows, etc)


drawing (perspective, proportions, details, etc)


composition (creates interest)


painting/coloring technique (quality)


attention to details, craftsmanship