Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop
menu commands MAC PC
Copy Command C or F3 Ctrl C or F3
Cut Command X or F2 Ctrl X or F2
Paste Command V or F4 Ctrl V or F4
Fit on Screen Command zero Ctrl zero
Free Transform Command T Ctrl T
Image Size F11 F11
Undo / Redo Command Z Ctrl Z
Save Command S Ctrl S
Select All Command A Ctrl A
Deselect Command D Ctrl D
Zoom in Command + Ctrl +
Zoom out Command - Ctrl -
Zoom to 100% Dbl-click Zoom tool Dbl-click Zoom tool
Navigate inside the image Hold SPACEBAR Hold SPACEBAR
Fit Image on Screen Dbl-click Hand Tool Dbl-click Hand Tool
Circle or Square Selection Hold Shift Hold Shift
Draw Selection from Center Hold Option Hold Option
Paint/Erase/Edit in straight line Hold Shift Hold Shift
Add to Selection Hold Shift Hold Shift
Subtract from Selection Hold Option Hold Alt
Display/Hide Palettes and Tools Tab Tab
Increase Brush Size ] ]
Decrease Brush Size [ [


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