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Shapes in Illustrator
(pencil project)




Follow the steps to create a pencil image.
Illustrator > Preferences > Units….. inches
Draw a rectangle .75”x1” by clicking with the Rectangle tool
on the Artboard or freehand draw a rectangle and set the dimensions
in the Transform palette.
Center point inside the rectangle is used for alignment.
Option-drag another rectangle from the center point.

Draw an eraser with a Rounded Rectangle tool.

Click and type in the dimensions

Use Align palette to align them.
Create the 1st band. Use Rounded Rectangle tool with the given settings.

Option-drag the band to create a second band.

At this point you have something worth of saving. So…. File > Save

To view all paths, anchor-points, and center points switch to the Outline view (View > Outline)

To draw a tip of a pencil (triangle) we are going to use the Polygon Tool. By default this tool will draw a hexagon. You can increase or decrease the number of the sides by using up or down arrow keys while holding the mouse down.

Place the cursor over the main rectangle’s center point. Start dragging reducing the sides to three. You can rotate the shape while dragging. Stop when your pencil looks like this.

To add a small black rectangle to the bottom of the pencil go to Edit > Copy…. Edit > Paste in Front

Double-Click on the Scale tool and scale this triangle down 30%

I think you should save it now.

To draw stationery - drag a square (Shift-drag). Then go to transform palette and type in the dimentions.

To create the inner square: Edit> Copy…. Edit > Paste in Front. In the Transform palette:

Select both squares and rotate them 45 °
Drag them down to have the pencil tip in the center of the stationery

Time to turn on the normal view of the pencil logo: View > Preview.

Shocked? Yes, this is how it should look.

We have to rearrange to shapes in the right order. Select the two squares (stationery) and go to Object > Arrange > Send to Back
Decorate the stationery by using the Ellipse, Spiral, and Star tools. Remember, that you can modify them by using Up and Down Arrow keys.
Use Brush tool to draw a nice line on the stationery

Apply colors to the Fills and Strokes of the shapes.

File > Save

Don’t forget to print it and turn it in. And… type your name on it…….