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Assignment details


1. Choose at least 4 animals to combine.
2. All parts should match and be seamless.
3. The colors and textures should blend gradually.
4. The final creature should look realistic.
5. When you done - merge all "animal" layers together. You are going place this creature onto a different background.
6. Create a drop shadow.

Step 1 - photos

Find 4 photos of different animals. Make sure they are good quality, facing the same direction, light source is consistent.

Different types of animals work better for this assignment:
Ex: mammal + bird + reptile + insect
Do not combine similar animals (horse and zebra).

Step 2 - extracting

Extract each animal from existing backgrounds. Use any method you think apropriate. Save all 4 files.

Step 3 - combining

Create a new file - tabloid size (11 x 17). Resolution: at least 150 ppi

Combine parts of the animals into one creature. Colors and textures, contrast and lighting should transition smoothly or match.

Place all layers into a folder in the Layers palette..

Duplicate all layers and merge them to have a separate layer with your creature.

Step 4 - background

Place a background behind the creature.

Adjust colors and lighting to make the creature "belong" to this environment.

Place a shadow (or a reflection) to make it look more realistic.

Step 5 - finishing touches

Add other details if necessary.

Sign in the bottom right corner (font size 8)





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