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Open a new page in Illustrator.
Open Gradient palette. If you still don’t know where to find palettes – go to Window>Gradient
Draw a shape. Any shape…..

Look at the Tool box:

by default all shapes come with solid fill.

Click on the gradient fill:
This is what will happen to the shape and to the Gradient Palette


The default gradient is a White-to-Black gradient


The Gradient color sliders define the colors of the gradient.
The Gradient center slider defines the center of the gradient…. Dah…..


Try sliding the center slider and watch how the gradient changes:

Now try sliding the color sliders:

The gradient is between the color sliders.
On the left is a solid white fill.
On the right is a solid black fill.

Now replace white color with red.
Open Swatches palette.
Click and drag the red color swatch over the WHITE color slider… and let it go…..

You have just created a red-to-black gradient !!!!! I am impressed!!!!!! Are you?


Now let’s add more colors to the simple red-to-black gradient.
Place your cursor over another color in the Swatches palette… and drag it over the gradient slider bar. Drop it anywhere on the bar.
You can repeat the process to add more colors to the gradient.