Art Nouveau vessel

Combination building technique. Research the style, make presentations, define the characteristics and elements. Sketch and draw a construction plan, then - build. Write a paragraph: what makes this art piece an Art Nouveau piece?

Tile carving
Sketch a design. Plan at least 3 levels of elevation. Transfer the design. Start carving from the deepest areas.
Shoe/purse sculpture
Creative assignment - sculpt your shoe (or purse). Takes a lot of planning. Life size.

Pottery wheel

Basic bowls (3 pcs.)
Includes building and foot detailing
Mug / cup
Learn to make handles and attach them to the cups.
Big bowl  
Create a series of big bowls. Vary shapes and sizes.

Make a plate on the wheel. Underglaze painting.

Create a set of 5-6 pieces. Should be in the same style, share elements and decoration techniques.




for materials we use in this class:

bisque firing
we use low-fire clay
Cone 04
Temperature 1940 F

glaze firing
we use mostly low-fire glazes
Cone 05-06
Temperature 1830-1914 F




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