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Sculpey canes

Use contrasting colors for best results!


Spiral Cane:

Roll out two squares of clay. Layer them. Trim the edges. Roll them into a log from one edge, pressing down to seal layers. Cut into beads.

Target Cane:

Roll one section of clay into a flat, square layer. Roll another color section into a snake or cylinder. Wrap the flat layer around the log and press as you roll. Trim any extra. Cut into beads.

Lace Cane:

Make a target or spiral cane. Roll it out into a long snake. Cut it into ssections and stack. Roll out again. Slice it very thinly. Use the slices to laminate to the outside of a ball of clay to make a bead.


Below are the steps for a lace cane. Remember, you don't have to use the same center color. Be creative...

Your canes can become even that complex:

Use canes to make beads




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