Pen and ink. Mix-media


  • India ink/pen,
  • color pencils,
  • gold (silver) paint (optional),
  • coffee or watercolors.


You are going to combine realistic drawing with highly decorative pattens to create an interesting contrasting effect.

Start with finding an image of an animal or an organic object.

Look for a picture of the entire animal/object (not just a head or a part).

Furry animals can be chosen if you are comfortable with drawing realistic fur.

Best choice is an animal/object with many parts and details - it will make it easier to divide them into shapes - reptiles, insects, sea creatures, etc.)

Draw an outline of your animal with a pencil on a 12x18 drawing paper.

Add necessary details (eyes, horns, ears, etc...)

Divide the outline into at least 12 areas. Do not use straight lines. Follow the form of your subject.

Double the division lines.

Choose at least 6 areas that you want to be realistic. Use color pencils. Incorporate different blending techniques to achieve the 3-D look.

The rest of the areas will be filled in with patterns and designs using ink and pen.

Each area should be different.

Leave the "double-lines" blank.

Craftsmanship is an important part in this assignment!

This is what it should look like at this point.

Fill in some (or all) double-lines with gold (silver) paint.

You can add some paint to your patterns. Do not overdo it though!!!

Stay within the lines while painting.
Use pen and ink to add more designs over the paint.
Use a variety of designs.

Tape your artwork to a table.

Use coffee to apply washes to the background.

Cut the mat and frame the drawing.



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