ART 2 FINAL (semester 1)

Portfolio – 80%

Collect all art projects that you created during the semester (if you do not have the project itself – you should submit a good quality print of it):

  • Notebook page
  • Tree drawing
  • Surrealistic landscape
  • Mandala
  • Celtic design

Please arrange them in the order above.
All projects should be finished. If any of them are not completely done – please make sure they are completed by the final exam day.
I’ll be grading your portfolio based on:

  • Are all projects finished?
  • Your personal growth as an artist from project to project
  • Did you follow the technique instructions?
  • Craftsmanship and attention to details.


Portfolio critique paper – 20%

Review all art pieces that you created during the semester. Write an art critique on your portfolio pieces. The critique should be no less than 1000 words.
It should include:

  • Description of the techniques and the processes that you used.
  • How did you grow as an artist from your earliest piece to the latest.
  • What did you learn by working on these pieces?
  • What are the strong parts of your projects?
  • What are the weak parts of your projects?
  • Looking back  - what would you do differently?
  • Your thoughts, ideas, reflections, etc.


Does not meet requirements

Meets requirements

Exceeds requirements

1000 words




Written in full sentences with proper punctuation & spelling




Correct description of the process




Self evaluation, reflection




Art vocabulary usage




Includes summary







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