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art 2
Art 2 course. Lesson plans, presentations, worksheets, handouts, and examples. Designed for high school students.

semester 1

Focus on drawing skills:

creative drawings, shading techniques review and practice, pen and graphite drawings, texture shading, colored pencils and oil pastels techniques, design stylizing techniques, non-traditional art media, mix-media, introduction to watercolor pencils, watercolor techniques, etc.

semester 2

Focus on drawing, painting and printing media:

unusual painting media, creative designs - practice eye-hand coordination, pen and ink drawings, pattern values and creative application, introduction to silk screen printing, optical illusions and OpArt - review perspective, collages and acrylic paintings, composition and colors in Art.



Imagination workout

Design a van




value design

Review values

notebook page

Notebook page

tree drawing

Tree drawing

facial proportions

Facial proportions

pen & ink

pen and ink

Pen & ink basics

creative patterns

Creative patterns 1

landscape doodle pattern

Landscape doodle

creative patterns

Creative patterns 2

rhino ink

Creative patterns 3

colored pencils

colored pencils

Colored pencils


Weaving pattern

celtic knot

Celtic knots basics

celtic knot

Celtic design

celtic elements

Celtic design challenge



eye drawing

eye drawing

other drawing media

oil pastels portrait

Oil pastels self-portrait


Oil pastels on transparency


Charcoal self-portrait



coffee painting

Coffee painting

surrealistic monsters

Surrealistic monsters

mixed media

surrealistic tree

Surrealistic landscape










silk screen printing

Silk screen printing

other media

sculpey canes

Sculpey canes




due dates

assignment due

 intro & pre-assessment quiz


 Imagination workout


 Van/car correction drawing


 Tree drawing


 Surrealistic sketch


 Suurrealistic Landscape


Colored pencils w/s


Oil pastels w/s





Prerequisites: successful completion of a full year of Art 1

Course available to: Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors.

Students will continue to build art vocabulary and apply it on an every day basis. Students will apply their knowledge of elements and principles of art, art history and aesthetics by creating art projects using a variety of techniques in painting, drawing, print making, sculpture, and other forms of fine art. The course is a studio type class. The focus of the course is experimenting with different art media. Students will try a variety of art techniques and materials to find what they like the most. Assignments must be completed according to times/dates as noted when assignment is given. If a student is absent, student must make up missed work. Making up assignments is the student’s responsibility. Students are required to participate in art activities at all times Full credit will be given to all FINISHED assignments turned in on time. Projects will be graded on the basis of appropriate incorporation of artistic elements, creativity/originality, proper use of art tools, and timely turning in of an assignment. Students must follow the teacher’s instructions to fulfill the project requirements. Art 2 is an advanced art course and expectations of your art work will be high. NOTE: Unless an assignment specifically requires copying, it will be interpreted in the same manner as plagiarism and is not acceptable.


1. Food, drinks, candy, gum are not allowed in the Art rooms. You will be sent to the office for this… NO “WARNINGS”. A bottle of WATER is permitted in room 206 (only).

2. Be in the room before the bell rings. Dropping your stuff and leaving would not qualify you as being on time.

3. Sit at your assigned seat unless I give you the “OK” to move. That means you do not walk around the room during the class to socialize.

4. Talk quietly with students at your table.

5. Draw, paint, etc. on your artwork only!

6. Use materials from your tote-tray only… don’t go into other people’s trays.

7. Bring your work home anytime you want. You are responsible for having it back next day.

8. If you must swear, or use crude/vulgar language, please do it elsewhere. Thanks…

9. Encourage your fellow classmates in a positive way… Treat them fairly and nicely.

10. You are responsible for cleaning your work area and tools that you used. I am not going to do it for you.


You will receive a zero for the day if:

1. You are unprepared for class

2. Not working throughout the entire class

3. Not clean up or clean up early

You may make-up a zero after school Monday-Thursday 2:50-3:25 by coming and working on your artwork.