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semester 1

Final Exam Study Guide

all ART-I lessons

Final exam consists of 2 parts:

  • Portfolio (50%) - All major assignments (excluding worksheets).

  • Exam (50%) - All topics, covered in class during the semester


Collect all art projects that you created during the semester (if you do not have the project itself – you should submit a good quality print of it).

If an assignment is missing or unfinished - it needs to be completed for a full credit.

Please arrange them in the order you created them.

Drawing with lines
Design principle: Repetition
Hand & Flowers
Design principle: Balance
Critique paper

All projects should be finished. If any of them are not completely done – please make sure they are completed by the final exam day.

I’ll be grading your portfolio based on:

  • Are all projects finished?
  • Your personal growth as an artist from project to project (every next project is done with more skills than the previous one).
  • Did you follow all instructions? Did you follow all steps? Did you use all materials the correct way?
  • Craftsmanship and attention to details.

Critique paper

Write an art critique on your portfolio pieces.
The critique should be no less than 500 words.
It should be written in full sentences with proper spelling and punctuation.
Use art vocabulary to describe techniques and concepts (use your notes and handouts).

Please include:

  • Description of the techniques and the processes that you used.
  • How did you grow as an artist from your earliest piece to the latest.
  • What did you learn by working on these pieces?
  • What are the strong parts of your projects?
  • What are the weak parts of your projects?
  • Looking back  - what would you do differently?
  • Your thoughts, ideas, reflections, etc.

Email to

part 2 - FINAL EXAM

  1. Elements of Art. What are they? Explain and list them all.
    info here
  2. Review the elements of Art: Line, Shape/Form, Value
    line presentation
    shape/form presentation
    value presentation
  3. Line - types and emotional qualities, etc.
  4. Shape/form – difference, types, positive/negative shapes, etc
  5. Value- shading techniques, shading patterns (light, highlight, light, shadow, reflected light, cast shadow), lightest and darkest areas, what value depends on, why we use value/shading, chiaroscuro, etc.
You can use one 5x3 index card with notes for the test. Card should be attached to the final test to receive an extra credit. All information is available for you on this web site.




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