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final exam for semester 1

by JuliannaKunstler.com

Final exam consists of 3 parts:

  • Portfolio (50%) - All assignments for semester 1 (excluding worksheets). If an assignment is missing or unfinished - it needs to be completed for a full credit.
  • Self-critique and reflection paper (25%)
  • Skill assessment assignment (in class) - (25%)

All information is available for you on this web site


Due on the day of your final exam.

Collect all art projects that you created during the semester (if you do not have the project itself – you should submit a good quality print of it).

If an assignment is missing or unfinished - it needs to be completed for a full credit.

Please arrange them in the order you created them.

All projects should be finished. If any of them is not completely done – please make sure it is completed by the final exam day.

I’ll be grading your portfolio based on:

  • Are all projects finished?
  • Your personal growth as an artist from project to project (every next project is done with more skills than the previous one).
  • Did you follow all instructions? Did you follow all steps? Did you use all materials the correct way?
  • Craftsmanship and attention to details.

Drawing with lines



hand and flowers


grid drawing

Grid drawing

self-critique paper and reflection

Due on or before the day of your final exam.

Write an art critique on your portfolio pieces (all of them).
The critique should be no less than 500 words.
It should be written in full sentences with proper spelling and punctuation.
Use art vocabulary to describe techniques and concepts (use your notes and handouts).

Email to kunstlerj@wilmoths.k12.wi.us

Answer the questions below for each project:


1. Describe the projects that you have completed this semester.
Include: what the assignment was about and materials used.

2. What skills and techniques did you use for each project?
(linear drawing, painting, shading techniques, stylizing, color mixing, choosing colors, value shading, composition, design, proportions, etc.)

3. Have you done these types of art before? Have you used the same techniques?

For the familiar techniques: How was it different to use these techniques this time?

For new techniques: describe the techniques and explain how you used them.

4. How can you apply the new skills and techniques in your future projects?


5. What are the strong parts of your portfolio? Do you feel proud of a specific skill, technique you used, a project (composition, details, craftsmanship, etc.). Explain what you did right, why you feel strong about it.

6. What are the weak parts? Are there projects that you wish you could redo or do them differently? What makes them your weak points? Why do you think they could’ve been better?

7. Compare your artistic skills from the first project to the last.
Did you get better? Are you still struggling? What is your area of struggle?


8. What would you do differently to improve the project? How would you fix the problems? What do you need to do to improve?
(Better shading techniques, smaller strokes, use different color scheme, follow the steps, use more time, etc.)

skill assessment assignment

Due on the day of your final exam.

You will be given an assignment to work on and complete in class during your final exam.

You will be applying skills and techniques learned during the semester.

The assignment should be completed to receive a full credit.

skills assignment 1