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Repetition: Subway Train Graffitti
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The purpose of this project is to practice repetition and rhythm concept.

Please read the information about the Repetition Design principle. You are going to use the Rhythm concept. The idea is to decorate a subway car in a style of a famous artist.

First, do a research. Find an artist you like. Print out at least 3 of his/her paintings.

Use the elements from these paintings to decorate a train car.

You don't have to repeat the same element over and over again. The idea is to use the style of the artist and improvise with this style and elements. Think about this project as if you were this famous artist and you were commissioned to decorate a train car. You'll have to use the same painting style ( colors, brush strokes, elements from the paintings, etc...) to implement the rhythm concept. Remember - the car itself already has the repeating elements: doors, windows, spaces between the windows...)

You can fill in the area between the windows/doors or use just them, or use both... It's totaly up to you.

After you decided on the artist - time to sketch. Use the worksheet below to sketch some ideas. Bring them to me to approve. Together we'll choose the best one.

Now it's time to work on a big scale. You are going to use oil pastels. You can imitate the oil painting technique. Use the blender to mix colors. Try to imitate the stroke rhythm of the artist. Mixing colors is the same as with paints. Just remember the Color wheel.

Extra credit:
Write a paragraph about the artist you used for project. Attach it to the back.




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