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color scheme design

color values

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color scheme design

Choose a color.

Think about other 2 - 3 colors that would look good with it. See if the fit any of the color schemes! If they don't - adjust the colors.
All colors should belong to a color scheme.

Fill in each area with a value range of each color.


color scheme design
color scheme design
color scheme design
color scheme design
color scheme design
color scheme design


design pattern

On a 5"x5" board:

Apply the pattern.

Write down the color scheme on the back of your board.

Write down the colors you are going to use and how do they fit this particular color scheme.

Paint one area at a time. Apply at least 5 different values of each color into an area. Use a small flat brush.

color values pattern

Each value of a color should be distinctive. Use the width of your paint brush to apply the paint.

Use white, gray, and black paint to add a variety to the values.

Use variations of a color. (Example: if you decide on a complimentary color scheme - red and green: use a variety of different reds and greens). Do not repeat exact same color in more that one area

You can start with a pure hue (color) to outline the area. Then add white for the next value. Continue adding white as you paint the rest of the area. You can start with a shade of a color (color + black) - then paint a hue, then - the rest of the lighter values.

Be creative!

Craftsmanship is very important for this assignment!